What Should You Eat After Swimming To Lose Weight?

Surely everyone wants themselves to have a beautiful body, toned, without excess fat, right? There are many people rushing to the gym with the desire to burn excess fat quickly. But sometimes no matter how crazy you exercise, you still don’t seem to lose any weight.

Swimming is the same. Everyone knows about the miraculous ability to lose fat by swimming. Sometimes, even if you exercise to the point of exhaustion, you won’t lose any pounds. So what is the reason?

Diet plays the number 1 role

It’s true that, no matter how insane you train. If you don’t have the right diet, you won’t be able to lose weight.

You can use the calorie calculation method to lose weight along with exercise. As long as the calories you consume do not exceed the number of calories you burn.

Foods to eat after swimming


Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the muscle and liver and are the fuel used by your body during swimming. Of course, after swimming, glycogen will be depleted and need to be replaced to have energy back.
If you’re not swimming intensely, then a small snack is enough to restore some energy as your regular dietary intake will likely replenish glycogen levels.
You can refer to some snacks as follows:

1. Fruit smoothies

Use frozen fruit with no added sugar, mix with yogurt and some low-fat milk. If you are a fan of sweets, use honey instead of sugar for a healthier drink.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothies

2. Fruit yogurt

You can eat fruits high in healthy probiotics like blueberries, raspberries, or bananas. Still use honey instead of sugar if you like sweetness. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a little more cinnamon powder or peanuts on a cup of fruit yogurt.

Fruit yogurt

Fruit yogurt

3. Fruit Cereals

For grain lovers, this is a healthy snack after swimming. You can choose from fresh fruits like apples, grapes, blueberries, kiwis. Then dice the fruits and mix them into breakfast cereals, whole grains and eat with low-fat milk.

Fruit cereal

Fruit cereal

4. Fresh fruit

You can combine fruit like bananas, strawberries, oranges or grapes with crackers and a slice of cheese.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit


Protein is full of amino acids, providing energy lost after swimming. Make it one of the healthiest swim-up snacks. Eating enough protein can help build muscle, and relieve pain in your muscles the next day.
Protein also supports the immune system and, more importantly, reduces hunger. It is important that swimmers after swimming often eat foods with more protein than carbohydrates.

1. Pita bread and hummus

This is a very easy and time-consuming dish. It only takes a few minutes to remove the ham, vegetables, chickpeas and a few slices of fruit from the refrigerator. Then clamp them with pita bread.

2. Low-fat chocolate milk

2 cups of chocolate milk provide whey protein and calcium to supplement bones. It also provides natural lactose that helps stimulate insulin, amino acids, into your muscles.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

3. Chicken Sandwich

Cook unprocessed turkey or chicken with spinach and cheese for a protein-rich meal

4. Tuna sandwich

You can sandwich a tuna salad with celery between slices of barley sandwich or pita bread. This is a delicious, easy-to-make, and less time-consuming dish that is suitable for a healthy after-swim menu

5. Mixed Bean and Edamame

If you are busy or in a hurry, want a simple snack. Pre-cook some homemade sugar mixes with different nuts, dried blueberries, and crackers. Or cook a packet of Edamame green soybeans in saltwater for a quick snack. Both options above are rich in protein and muscle, providing you with a healthy, light meal after swimming.

But what if you’re trying to lose weight? The main thing would be to not overconsume calories after the workout. Choose a snack with the right ratio but don’t go overboard with how much of it you end up eating. 

Some notes you should pay attention to lose weight effectively

  • If you exercise a lot but eat not enough, you will lose weight but not effective because after that, when you stop exercising and continue to eat, you will gain weight.
  • You should eat reasonable amounts of food if you do not want to gain weight while trying to lose weight.
  • If you want to lose weight, you should only drink water or mineral water after training, eat less-sweet fruits and eat lots of vegetables.
  • If you have the right combination of swimming and eating will help you lose weight effectively and safely.

Finally, wish you success with losing weight by swimming. Although the process will be difficult, you just need to make up your mind to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right, you will have a beautiful, healthy body without excess fat.


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